БрюДог MMXXX / BrewDog MMXXX (0,33л*бут) 10%


Apricot, cherries, pear & banana on a sweet caramel base. Full bodied & warming. MMXXX 10 year aged ale: designed to be opened on 1/1/2030.

The only guarantee with this ale is that it’ll get better with age — what you’ll be drinking to in 2030 is down to humanity. Sounds pretty damn sci-fi, but, the next decade is crucial — we need to cut global emissions by 45% in order to save our planet.

Come New Year’s Day in 2030, this beer will either be a celebration of humanity coming together to achieve that reduction, or we’ll be drowning our sorrows faced with an impending apocalypse.

This beer has been brewed to honour those commitments to stop the climate crisis — a move to clean energy, less waste, investment in restoring our ecosystem… to name a few. We hope that when it’s finally time to pop open MMXXX, the IPCC 2030 deadline for emissions reduction has been successfully met.

Thanks for joining our environmental fight and we hope we are celebrating together in 2030.

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